Caribbean Hotel Security Management Training

Hotel Security Management Training

Castries, St Lucia, West Indies, Caribbean

The 80-hour hotel security management course is being run in Castries, Saint Lucia by RPS Group OECS Inc. The hotel security management training course is taught by experienced international instructors with extensive experience in hospitality security and close protection.

The course covers the core skills required to efficiently organize, run and manage security operations for hotels and event venues. Ensuring the security of a hotel or venue, guests and clients can be a complicated task. In addition to the required risks management skills we will teach you how to provide a secure environment and five-star security services for your guests and clients.

This course is applicable for security professionals, hotel and event venue owners and those in the hospitality industry who need to be able to provide safe environments and exclusive services for their guests and clients.

The Hotel Security Management Course Covers:

  • Risks assessments

  • Hotel security management

  • Public relations

  • Event security

  • VIP security

  • Terrorist threats

  • Crisis management

  • And more

80-Hour Hotel Security Management Training Course

Location: Castries, Saint Lucia

Date: March 7th, 2022

Cost: $850.00 USD

Organizer: RPS Group OECS Inc.


Tel: +1-758-717-9892 / +1-758-287-7607

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