Mercenary "ClusterF#ck" - Americans Captured in Venezuela

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Another Mercenary "ClusterF#ck" - Americans Captured in Venezuela

I am sure some of you have been following the events in Venezuela after the reported "Mercenary Invasion".... My associates and I are still trying to work out are these guys for real or were they just after a TV, Movie, Netflix and Book deal.... For those claiming this was a US Government operation, all I can say is I hope the US Government is really not this stupid... But.... I just hope the operation was ITAR Compliant...

Rumor has it they were being monitored and told to "back off" by US Government Agencies... Would not surprise me if the Venezuelans were tipped off by USG so these guys get an early release and no as hard of a time as they deserve for their stupidity.. But I am sure the Venezuelans knew all about it anyway!

These idiots have been on our radar since Feb 2019 when they were on stage at the Venezuela Aid Live music festival on the Colombian and Venezuelan border... And of course they were posting pics on instagram... Well, tonight two of their Americans and 6 Hispanics will be enjoying Venezuelan Goverment hospitality... After being captured by local militia and state police.... After 8 of their people were killed yesterday... Think they are in for a rough night... 😉😉😉

Here a message from the operations leader.... A former US Green Beret... @

Enjoy the show, Hollywood can't come up with sh#t this stupid!

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