Adventure Travel: The Serbian Experience!

Updated: May 19, 2019

The Serbian Experience Unique Adventure Travel & Team Building Experiences

Our events in Serbia combine unique experiences with professional outdoors training and high-end hospitality. Our events can be adapted for one of a kind vacations, corporate entertainment or team building activities! Let us know your requirements!

The Sniper Experience

This 5-day package takes place in the beautiful countryside of Serbia and is for those seeking a challenging outdoor experience with a difference. In addition to safely learning to use firearms you with enhance your leadership and organizational skills as will as learn to appreciate your environment from a unique perspective. Not only will you experience the beauty of the Serbian countryside but also, it’s excellent food, drink and hospitality.

  • Day-0: You will arrive in Belgrade and receive a course orientation from your training team. The night will be spend relaxing in Belgrade.

  • Day-1: Early in the morning you will move to training area where you will be introduced to tactical movement and stalking...

  • Day-2: You will be introduced to the sniper rifles and be thoroughly briefed on weapons safety. You will also learn the art of camouflage and concealment!

  • Day-3: More time on the shooting range followed by a tactical navigation exercise...

  • Day-4: After a combat survival class your tests begin... Your camouflage, navigation and stalking skills will be tested with a day and night in the woods! (The over night training is optional)

  • Day-5: Your shooting skills will be put to the test!

  • Day-X: Depending in flight time there maybe time for a cultural tour or shopping in Belgrade!

Basic group Fee: €2800.00 Note: The courses can be adapted to fit your requirements!

Media Coverage of our sniper courses in Serbia Promotion for the computer game "Sniper 2, Ghost Warrior"

The Manhunt in Serbia

The 5-day Manhunt experience in Serbia will train you various outdoors survival skills and put them to the test as you’re hunted by a former special forces team in the woods of Serbia.

  • Day-0: The day before your experience begins you will be briefed on the coming days activities by your training team.

  • Day-1: You will be taken to a training area for navigation, tactical movement, and observation training that you will be putting to use in the coming days exercises. After the day and evening training you will move to a local hotel for a good night’s rest and local cuisine.

  • Day-2: In the morning you will move to the shooting range and undergo training on various small arms and compete in several shooting competitions. In the afternoon the you will engage on force-on-force training (airsoft) and be required to complete a tactical exercise!

  • Day-3: You will trek to the training area where you will undergo basic training in technical rock climbing. After a traditional Serbian lunch, you will be trained in river crossing/movement, and emergency first Aid. You will spend the night at your hotel before the manhunt begins.

  • Day-4: Will start with an operational briefing followed by a tactical cross country drive and you will spend your day learning wilderness survival skills and preparing for your night in the woods. The manhunt begins!

  • Day-5: Those that are not captured by the guard force with then make their way back to their hotel where they can be debriefed in a comfort! Those captured... Relax, we are the nice guys!!

  • Day-X: Depending in flight time there may be time for a cultural tour or shopping in Belgrade!

Basic group Fee: €3500.00 Note: The courses can be adapted to fit your requirements!


  • We require proof of good character for all clients who handle firearms

  • All firearms instruction is given and supervised by experienced firearms instructors

  • all tours are supervised and accompanied by experienced security professionals

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