The Corporate Arena…

Updated: Feb 16

The Corporate Arena…

Over the years I have had to transition from varied work environments regularly and often at short notice. I am an ex-British Infantryman and more than happy getting sweaty and dirty in the outdoors or on gun ranges but that is only part of the world I deal in.

In a lot of ways first getting used to working and teaching in the corporate environments was very awkward. It’s a lot more restrictive and takes a lot more personal skills than running say a live fire tactical pistol program. Also, the clientele tend not to be so “rough and ready” as can be encountered in the West African bush!

We all have our comfort zones and I am sure most people have had to leave them on more than one occasion. I am comfortable in my work environments as I am confident that I know my subject. Also, I always spend time planning and preparing my courses or presentations and where possible find out who I will be lecturing or training.

An instructor said to me once when I was in the British Army that to be able to fight and survive in a specific environment you must be comfortable in that environment. If you are comfortable and understand the environment you will be more confident to start with… This applies well in the corporate world as it does in a tactical environment.

These days I see the corporate world the same as all other environments I work in. It also a lot more comfortable and defiantly more civilized!!

Orlando Wilson – Risks Incorporated –

“Stay low and keep moving”

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