International Travel Management & Events in Europe, Middle East

We provide travel and special event planning for clients seeking superior service and unique experiences. I personally have many years of international travel and event management experience ranging from the exclusive parties of London’s West End to VIP trips to out of the way locations in the Caribbean & Latin America. I am well-traveled, I’ve experienced many diverse cultures and successfully organized projects in some very challenging locations. I am accustomed to dealing with five star ventures and third world issues, quite often in the same day! So, be it chauffeur and bodyguard services in Europe, or adventure team building activities in out the way locations, let me know your requirements! - Orlando Wilson

  • Travel & Event Planning: From five star locations to no star locations… We can help you plan, organize, supply guides, chaperones and managers to ensure successful travel or event experiences!

  • Adventure Activities: So, you want Caribbean fishing, European hunting, rafting, 4x4 driving or survival hiking… Or, we can go urban…

  • Luxury: Drivers, fixers and bodyguards waiting for you at your chosen locations to ensure you have no worries…

  • Culture: From wine tasting to the best of local cuisines in the best locations!

  • Team Building: The best way to bond; work hard & play hard… Combined this with our unique experiences and true leaders will be born!

  • Corporate Shooting & Firearms Training Events: We have access to shooting ranges and expert instructors in US and Europe for special events, corporate entertainment or vacations.

  • VIP Security & Investigations: We provide high-end security services for those seeking a secure environment or those visiting high-risk locations. Our investigators are available to assist in detecting and solving potential problems that could effect you, your family or business.


Adventure Experiences By Location


Our adventure tours will let you see the real culture and histories of the countries in which they take place, also they provide unique experiences that will never be forgotten! In addition to the travel factor our adventure tours are an educational experience, our aim is for our clients to leave us not only with once in a life time experiences but also with re-enforced confidence and a re-energized perspective on life. We offer structured and customized tours for groups and individuals. Let me know your requirements or any questions you may have!



We have access to event locations in Colorado and Florida in the U.S., Latin America, Caribbean, Greece and Serbia in Europe & Middle East or we can travel to your or a 3rd party location. I also have contacts in other international locations so, let me know where you're looking to go and what you want to achieve and I can do my best to ensure a very positive experience!

Orlando Wilson

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